9 Artisanal Cheeses You Need To Try Now

Whether you are looking for a great cheddar cheese to eat at home after a long day or a crowd-pleasing brie to serve at a dinner party this list has you covered. This list has a mix of soft, hard, new, aged, funky and mild cheeses. There is something for everyone in this post. 


This post is going to walk you through nine unique and delicious cheeses to eat ASAP.

Soft Cheese

  1. Mozzarella di Bufala DOP 

Buffalo mozzarella is soft, creamy, and tangy. The cheese is made with domestic buffalo milk resulting in a cheese that is higher in calcium and protein and lower in cholesterol.  

This cheese is perfect for eating on its own or with a drizzle of olive oil. Check out this post to find out more about DOP regulations and to discover the perfect olive oils to pair with this mozzarella.

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  1. Cherry Glen Ricotta Cheese 

Cherry Glen Goat Cheese Company follows traditional artisan cheese making methods hand making all their cheese in small batches. Their ricotta is made fresh, and they offer same day local delivery. This cheese is naturally sweet with a little bit of tang and is a great low sodium cheese option. This spreadable goodness is perfect for a piece of toast or in a creamy pasta dish.  

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  1. Brie de Meaux PDO 

This Brie is coming from the region Ile of France in the small city of Meaux which is just east of Paris. It is made with unpasteurized cow’s milk and is smooth and creamy in texture. It has a gloomy rind that developed over time due to the inoculation of penicillin molds. This cheese can vary in taste depending on if you eat it with the rind or without. Try it both ways to find your perfect bite and the perfect wine pairing.  

  1. Old Chatham Sheepherding Co. Nancy’s Camembert 

This rustic soft cheese comes from New York State and is made with pasteurized sheep’s milk. Because sheep’s milk is so high in butterfat this Camembert has a richness and sweetness that has you craving more. The gloomy rind rounds out the whole cheese with a bit of mushroom earthiness.  

  1. Castel Regio Gorgonzola Dolce 

This blue cheese is coming from the village of Gorgonzola in Lombardy, Italy. This cheese was first made here in 900 AD because penicillin mold was airborne in the area. The cheese is turned by hand and has identifying features to ensure its authenticity. A mark of origin and production date is on the label as identifying markers. Gorgonzola is a cow’s milk cheese with a soft and creamy texture. It’s flavor profile makes is a perfect pairing for northern Italian wines you can find in Lombardy. Try it with a Gavi or Chianti Classico. 

Semi-soft Cheese

  1. Manchego El Trigal DOP 6 Month 

Manchego is an iconic Spanish cheese made from sheep’s milk. This Manchego cheese is aged 6 months and has a buttery flavor with a strong nutty finish. Quesos Corcuera company has been family owned for over three generations. Current owners Carmen and Patricia are dedicated to making the best Manchego cheeses while upholding the traditions of the family business.  

manchego cheese
  1. Beemster Vlaskaas Gouda 

Gouda originates from The Netherlands in the town of Gouda in Holland. This cheese is traditionally made from cow’s milk and depending on aging results in a semi-soft cheese with a bit of crunchy crystallization in the final product. While you can now get Gouda from just about any cheese making area, the best Gouda is still coming from the Netherlands. Beemster Premium Dutch Cheese produces PDO Gouda cheese called Vlaskaas. This cheese has an intense flavor with notes of walnuts and pairs well with bold red wines. 

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Hard Cheese

  1. Parmigiano Reggiano DOP 18 Month 

This ancient hard cheese is a legend dating back to at least the Middle Ages. What creates the undeniably tasty flavor and texture of this cheese is the again process. It takes a minimum of 12 months to mature and at 18 months of aging you will find youthful but strong aromas of flowers, fruit, grass, and fresh milk. This cheese is world renowned and will impress even the pickiest of diners.  

parmesan cheese
  1. Snowdonia Cheese Amber Mist Mature Cheddar with Whisky 

Snowdonia Cheese Company is in North Wales. The small team is dedicated to using only the finest and freshest ingredients to make their top-quality cheese products. The Amber Mist Mature Cheddar has notes of whisky combined with the richness of the mature cheddar. This cheese has warming qualities and can be enjoyed all on its own.  

cheddar cheese

Now that you have this list of nine mouthwatering cheeses you never have to be stumped on what kind of cheese to serve at your next dinner party. So, get out there and start trying all these amazing cheeses. You will not disappoint your dinner party guests or your own taste buds with this list. 

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This post has equipped you with a thorough list of nine outstanding cheeses. 

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