The Better Bearnaise Sauce

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Better Bearnaise Sauce 

First off, what even is Bearnaise sauce? To know that you have to know what Hollandaise sauce is. Have you had Eggs Benedict? Yeah, that sauce. I know. It is delicious. Hollandaise is what we culinary goddesses call a mother sauce. Go read this post right now to learn all about mother sauces you NEED to. But we are talking about Bearnaise! 

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Bearnaise sauce is the son of Hollandaise but more like a leveled up Hollandaise. Bearnaise is a base of egg yolks and clarified butter with the addition of tarragon, white wine, and chervil. 

The technique of making Hollandaise or Bearnaise does not come naturally to everyone. Watch the video below to get a better understanding of the technique that used for these butter emulsions.

If you want a reference book for other fundamental sauces this book has it all.

How to serve Bearnaise sauce 

  • Poached or sauteed white fish 
  • On sandwiches 
  • Over eggs 
  • As a pasta sauce 
  • On sauteed chicken 
  • As a dipping sauce for fried chicken 

See the recipe below for my take on a classic Bearnaise sauce. 

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