The Best Easy and Nutritious Carrot Ginger Soup

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This is the kind of soup that you can enjoy all year long. It is especially great for those winter months when you need a boost to your immune system and something to warm you up. The combination of carrot and ginger is a no brainer for a remedy to any kind of ailments. Don’t be confused though this soup is as delicious as it is nourishing. Even if you feel at optimal health get this recipe a try for an easy and crowd pleasing dinner. Check out this post for some time saving tips and a detailed recipe for this carrot ginger soup.

Carrot ginger soup

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Simple Ingredients






Vegetable Broth

Extra Virgin Olive Oil 




Cherry Tomatoes 


Equipment Needed


Cutting Board 


Blender or Immersion Blender

Wooden Spoon

Helpful Tips for Carrot Ginger Soup

Double the recipe and freeze what you don’t eat for an easy reheated lunch or dinner!

Make your own vegetable broth or buy a high quality one like this one.

Don’t be a perfectionist because everything is going to be blended together in the end.

Season to your preference. Add more salt or pepper and extra jalapeño if you like a lot of spice. 

Gift this recipe with a jar of soup to a friend who is not feeling 100%. It’s even better than chicken noodle soup when you’re not feeling well. 

For the best carrot ginger soup check out the recipe below. It is great all the time but especially during cold winter months for a nice nutritious boost! 

Easy soup

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