The Best Chocolate Cake Heart with Marscapone Frosting

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You really don’t need an occasion to make a heart shaped chocolate cake, but this cake is perfect for any heart felt celebration! This is a simple and delicious chocolate cake that is fancy enough for all your special occasions. Try this recipe out for a loved one’s birthday, Valentine’s Day, an anniversary or just to show someone some love!

heat cake top

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Equipment Needed

Tips for Success

Allow yourself plenty of time for mixing, baking, cooling, and assembly.

Read the recipe twice before you start. The more familiar you are with the recipe the better success you will have.

Gather and measure all your ingredients before you start baking.

Cut a few templates to make sure you have a size and shape you like.

For different occasions try other shapes like a star, square, circle, or crescent moon. The options are endless.

To change the color of the frosting try different freeze dried fruits other than strawberries. Blueberries for blue or purple, pineapple for yellow or kiwis for green.

Read the recipe below to start making the cutest heart cake ever. It’s so simple and is great for a last minute cake option.

chocolate heart cake

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