3 Recipes for a Cafe Quality Coffee Drink You Will Love

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If you enjoy a cafe quality coffee drink and want to save some money and time these three coffee drinks will make you want to have your morning beverage at home every time. Try these at home coffee drinks for something to make your morning a little more whimsical and delicious. Even if you don’t have an espresso machine you can make a version of these drinks. Keep reading to find out the how to for these coffee shop copycats. 

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Brewing The Espresso

Not everyone has a cafe quality espresso machine in their home so we are going to first cover how to brew the base for all the coffee drinks. 

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Espresso Machine

The recommended base for these coffee drinks is a double shot espresso. 

If you have an espresso machine simply grind and brew a double espresso. 

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Many people now have Nespresso machine which can also brew a double espresso. Use the Double Espresso Dark Roast Capsules to brew the base of these drinks from a Nepresso machine. 

theknifecuts. recommended Nespresso Machine

French Press 

A French press can also be used to brew the coffee base for these drinks. You will want to take 1/2 cup freshly ground dark roasted coffee beans and place them into the bottom of the French press. Pour 200 degrees Fahrenheit water over the bean until they are just covered. Let the mixture set for 6 minutes without interruption. After 6 minutes slowly press the mixture. Pour the coffee and it is ready to be used for a latte, cappuccino, or any coffee drink you desire. 

Instant Coffee

If you can no coffee machine at all don’t worry you can still make these coffee drinks. Instant coffee is not everyone’s first choice but don’t be fooled there is delicious instant coffee out there. Blue bottle instant coffee makes a delicious cup of espresso. Take 2 ounces of 200 degrees Fahrenheit water and add 1/2 tablespoon of blue bottle instant coffee and mix thoroughly. This is just as good of coffee base for these drinks as any. 

Salted Maple Oat Latte Iced

This Iced latte is going to be your morning must have. It is so easy to make and straight up addictive. Check out the ingredients and simple procedure below. 

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Brew your espresso base and add a pinch of maple sugar to that and set it aside. 

In a mason jar or similarly sized cup add 1/2 cup oat milk and 1 tablespoon of maple syrup stir that very well. 

Add your brewed espresso to the oat milk mixture.

Fill the glass with ice and finish off the drink with more oat milk until the glass is full. 

Sprinkle a heavy pinch of flaky sea salt on top. 

Stir it all up once and enjoy! 

oat mlik

Hot Mocha Cappuccino Coffee Drink

Double Espresso

Maple Sugar

Dark Chocolate

Whole Milk

Brew the espresso in a medium sized mug and add the maple sugar. 

In a frothing cup steam the milk until it is hot and frothy. Alternatively, if you do not have an espresso machine with a milk steamer, use a hand held milk frothing tool.

Mix in the chocolate to the steamed milk until it is completely melted and incorporated. 

Add the hot chocolate milk mixture to the espresso. 

Top the drink with the foam leftover in the bottom of the frothing cup. 

Whipped Espresso Foam Coffee Drink

Double Espresso

Egg Whites

Maple Sugar

Choice of Milk (oat, cashew, whole)

Brew the espresso in a small cup and set aside to cool slightly.

In a small bowl whip the egg whites and maple sugar together until stiff peaks form. 

Fold in the espresso to the whipped egg whites. 

Place the cold milk in a small glass and spoon over the whipped coffee mixture.

Regardless of how you brew your coffee at home you can try out these three cafe quality coffee drinks. They will surely elevate your morning routine if you have few extra minutes to spare. At least one of these drinks will have you staying in for your specialty coffee drink in the morning.

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