3 Websites Every Cook Needs To be Using Right Now

If you want to be a confident and well rounded cook you need reliable resources for learning and becoming more educated in culinary arts. In this post you will be provided with three websites you can look to for all your culinary needs.

This post is all about three websites every cook should be using.

Serious Eats

As the websites homepage says “good cooks know how, great cooks know why”. That is exactly why seriouseats.com is number one on the list. The team behind this resource is a collection of experienced cooks, food industry experts, journalists and major foodies. The writers of Serious Eats are focusing on the science behind heat, salt, acid, flavor compounds and chemical reactions of really good food. Use this website for learning the why behind your food as well as the how and what of your favorite foods. This knowledge is going to make you a well versed and more interesting cook.

Website Features


How Tos

  • Techniques
  • Baking
  • Troubleshooting
  • Grilling



Can’t Miss

  • Saved Recipes – Use this feature to save your favorite recipes and techniques from the website.
  • Features Page – the features page is going to show you all the recent highlights of Serious Eats. Look here to find the most interesting and lastest topics.

Eater (At Home)

Eater.com is a great resource for finding the best places to eat for any occasion. It is also a great tool for your own cooking. Refer the the At Home section of the website for recipes, cooking advice, dining, and drinking tips. You will also find articles about famed and useful cookbooks and tidbits about culinary history. Utilizing Eater.com is going to help you become an educated cook with a masters in flavor.

Website Features

Gastropod – Eater’s podcast 


Cooking Advice

Various Articles on Food Topics

eater websites

Can’t Miss

  • Eater Newsletter – sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of the webpage for the latest restaurant updates and new recipes from the website. 
  • Punch – the beverage page in conjunction with Eater. Check out this page for some great beverage tips and bar spots. 

The Culinary Pro

This website is for the cook looking to build a great foundation in the kitchen. Use this website as a resource for all the technical skills you need to solidify your abilities as a cook. Read up on the articles covering stocks, sauces, knife skills, and all other fundamentals. 

Website Features

Career Resources

Techniques PageEducational Blog Posts

culinary pro websites

Can’t Miss 

  • Getting Started in a Pro Kitchen” – This article is a great resource for beginners in the food industry and for home cooks looking to advance their skills.
  • Global Flavors” Read this page for an introduction to different cuisines around the world.

With the help of these resources, you can achieve new heights in your cooking abilities. When in doubt or curious about your cooking ventures, frequent these three websites for help. Start exploring the pages and watch your knowledge of cooking techniques, cuisine and efficiencies expand immensely. 

In this post you have been provided with three online cooking websites you should be using often.

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