9 Tips To Keep Your Cookware Looking Brand New

Quality cookware is not cheap so if you have spent the money to get new pots or pans you should want to make them last as long as possible. Keep reading below to find out 9 practices to keep your cookware looking brand new.

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1. Avoid extreme temperatures changes. 

Often times right after you fry your morning eggs on high heat you pop your scorching hot fry pan under cold water. To keep the integrity of your pan in tip top shape, let hot pans cool down at a slow pace and avoid rapid temperature changes in general.

2. Use non reactive and unscented dish soap.

Using a gentle but effective dish soap will avoid chipping of coating and remove grease without roughing up the sides and bottoms of your cookware. 

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3. Wash and scrub your cookware with the right kind of material. 

For ceramic coated pans use nylon or soft abrasive pads.

For non coated stainless steel cookware use steel wool scrubs.

For cast iron use an abrasive scrub pad and lightly scrub.

4. Soak burnt pans.

If your pan is burnt or has tough to clean spots, after it has cooled down soak it in hot, soapy water to avoid harsh scrubbing of your cookware. After it has been soaking for at least 20 minutes then you can clean as normal.

5. Always dry your pans completely before storing them. 

After you have taken care of soaking and properly cleaning your pans be sure to let them completely air dry or completely towel dry them before storing. This will keep your cookware from developing any rust or soft spots.

6. Invest in high quality heavy bottomed cookware. 

The best way of ensuring you have new and quality looking cookware is by starting with quality pans in the first place. 

Read this post to find the right cookware for you.

7. Read the maintenance instructions on your cookware. 

If you have known brands of cookware, look into the manufacturer’s instructions for caring for and cleaning your pans. Follow the instructions carefully. If it says hand wash only be sure to practice that every time. 

8. Do not store your cookware with food in them.

Make sure you are not keeping food in your pots and pans for extended periods of time in the refrigerator. This could cause unnecessary wear and tear on the containers. Keeping the pan at an extreme cold temperature for long periods of time is also not good for the integrity of the pan. 

9. Do not scratch your pans. 

If you are cooking with a coated pan avoid using metal utensils in the pan. It could cause chipping of the coating or scratches on the pan. Opt for gentler cooking utensils Like a wooden spoon or silicon spatula. This will keep your pans chip and scratch free. 

Follow these nine cookware care tips and it will prolong the life of your pans by so much. If you invest in nice pots and pans you should take the extra step to keep them looking brand new! 

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  1. Thanks for sharing these great tips! I’m always looking for ways to extend the life of my cookware, and these suggestions are really practical and easy to follow!

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