Herbs You Need To Be Using This Winter

Adding the right herb to a dish can take it from nothing exciting to your friends will actually come back for a dinner party. While cooking fresh and bright dishes in the spring and summer is easy, if you know how to cook that is but the winter months often come with heavy, and I am just going to say it dull meals.  

We are not making one dimensional meals this winter with one simple trick, add herbs to your winter recipes.  

I am here to tell you which herbs you are going to want in your kitchen all winter long.  


Thyme is often overlooked after the thyme summer lemonades are (thankfully) done with. Keep using thyme and even better use lemon thyme. This simple addition will add a subtle freshness to even the heaviest of braised meat dishes.  

How to use it: 


Tarragon is a daunting herb I know. The risk will reap reward if you use it strategically this winter. Because this herb is so distinctive it will often distract from the heaviness of a dish without deterring from other flavors.  

How to use it: 

  • On roasted root vegetables 
  • Make infused oils with tarragon  
  • Use it in a dessert for a fresh finish to a meal


If I had to choose one herb to sum of fresh, I would choose dill. There is no doubt that adding dill to anything will bring brightness to the palette. Using dill where you think it does not belong might surprise you. It is another herb that can seem like a dominating flavor. It often adds freshness without becoming the main flavor of the dish.  

How to use it: 

If using these herbs is not helping your dishes from being too heavy or your friends are still not attending your dinner parties I suggest this book.

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