5 Juice Recipes You Need To Try Right Now

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There are many reasons to make and drink juices. What made juices so popular? Mainly because you can get all the nutrients from a lot of fruits and vegetables in a fun drinkable form. Finding the balance between a nutritious and tasty juice can be tricky. The juices covered in this post are tasty, nutritious, and aesthetic. Read below for five incredible juices to level up your self care!  

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This post is all about juices that taste good and are good for you.

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Benefits of Juice

Drinking fresh pressed juices is a great way to get you daily servings of fruits and vegetables in an easy to drink portion of juice.  

Starting your day with a fresh juice will also help in starting off with a hydrated body.

A benefit of juicing can also be reducing food waste. If you have fruits or vegetables that are not as good quality as when you bought them, you can juice them instead of throwing them out. Utilize the pulp leftovers are compost or plant fertilizer you cut back on food waste even more. When buying your juice ingredients opt for organic produce.

Making Juices

For all the juices listed below the following procedure will apply. 

  1. Wash all the ingredients thoroughly. 
  1. Cut all the ingredients to a size that fits into your juicer or large bite sized pieces. 
  1. Juice the herbs or greens first. 
  1. Juice the remaining ingredients. 
  1. Strain your juice and enjoy! 

The three recommendations below are three quality options for juicers. Always opt for a slow masticating juicer. This kind of juicer will extract the most nutrients from the ingredients. 

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Dreamsicle Juice


1 peeled orange 

1 envy apple or any red apple 

1 small carrot 

1 small piece turmeric 

1 lemon 

dreamsicle juice

This drink is extremely delicious and a great immune booster. Make this juice when flu or cold season is coming. The citrus here will strengthen your immunity and prepare you for fighting off common colds and sickness. Try this juice next time if you want a strong and bright start to your day or when you want a nutritious hydration boost.  

orange juice

Beet Up Your Libido


1 beet 

1 green apple 

2 small piece ginger 

1/2 chili pepper or cayenne pepper 

3 cups spinach 

Drink this juice to spice things up. The whole ingredients in here are great for hormonal balance. You will also get a boost of iron from the spinach. The benefits of cayenne pepper include protection against infection and aiding in proper digestion. This juice can act as a cleanser of toxins and a revamp of vital nutrients. Enjoy this juice when you need some extra spice in your life.  

beet juice

Green Giant Juice


3 celery stalks 

1/2 bunch parsley 

3 cups spinach 

1/2 cucumber 

1 green apple 

1 lemon 

This is the green drank you need in your life. With a celery and cucumber base this juice is all about hydration. The added greens are going to be a great source of iron and vital nutrients. The lemon has dueling purposes. The citrus is great for you immune system and the flavor is going to help make those greens palatable. Try this juice with you need a superfood health boost.  

green giant juice

Power Up Pineapple


3 c spinach  

2 oranges 

6 large pieces pineapple 

1/2 cucumber 

pineapple juice prep

This is a juice for fun drinking. It is a summertime must drink. It is tasty and refreshing and another great way to stay hydrated and get a good dose of greens in. Try with a bite sized piece of cayenne pepper juiced in the mix for a fun spicy twist.  

pineapple juice

Dandelion Dream


1/2 bunch dandelion greens 

1 peeled orange 

2 envy apples or red apple 

2 limes 

If you come across dandelion greens and don’t know what to do with them, juice them. They are very bitter but have a lot of nutritional value. Dandelion greens lower blood pressure and are anti-inflammatory. Juicing them with citrus helps make the bitterness more palatable. If you can get dandelion greens on a regular basis, try adding this juice into your weekly juice cycle. This is a great juice for anyone who is particularly active and helps with hydrating and repairing sore muscles. 

These five juices should be a great starting point for your juice roster. After trying out these juices you will find your own balance of fruits and vegetables. Reduce your food waste by juicing while improving your overall nutrient intake. Check out the recipe below for a condensed written form of all the juices listed above.  

This post has provided you with five great tasting juices to keep you hydrated and happy!

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