The Perfect Pear Tart Everyone Needs To Make

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With pears coming into season, you may be wondering “what else can you do with pears besides eat them with Brie?” I do recommend eating them with Brie, specifically this one but you can also bake them into a pie or tart if you will.  A pear tart is a fun and unique application for pears.

pear tart

This post is going to give you the best recipe for a pear tart.

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The Pears

When making this pear tart you will want to know how to decide which kind of pears to use in your filling.  

pear tart

I recommend using a mix of different pears. Let’s break down a few types of pears and what you will get out of each one.  

Bosc Pear 

Bosc pears are crisp and woodsy with a sweet honey flavor. The beauty of Bosc pears is that they sweeten up early in the ripening process therefore you can use them relatively quickly. 

Red Angel Pear 

These pears are super sweet and have a buttery texture. This makes them great for eating fresh or mixing a few in the filling for this pear tart. Their coloring goes from deep dark red to bright red when ripe.  

Green Anjou Pear 

Anjou pears are refreshing, sweet, and have a crisp citrus flavor. This is an all-purpose pear and is perfect for the base pear of your tart filling. 

The Pear Tart Dough 

The dough for this tart is a basic recipe so to ensure it tastes great you are going to want the best quality ingredients for it. You need butter, flour, water, sugar, and salt to achieve this tart dough.  

Starting with the butter, make sure it is ice cold. Do this by dicing it into 1/4-inch cubes and popping it into the freezer for 15 minutes.  

creamy butter

As for what kind of butter, below are the three I recommend. Any of these butters will make your tart dough rich in flavor.  

Minerva Dairy Butter 

Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter Unsalted 

Vermont Creamery Cultured Butter 

For the best results use cake flour. If you cannot get cake flour, AP flour is always an option. I opt for cake flour because it results in a flaky and light tart.  


While you think the water going into the dough is not that important, using filtered water or reverse osmosis will result in a finished product that is free of impurities. If you have safe drinking water from the tap you can use that, but if you have filtered water or R/O water use that in your tart dough.  

In this recipe you are going to want to use maple sugar. Using maple sugar instead of cane sugar will result in a tart with better nutritional value and a lesser environmental impact. Maple sugar is a more sustainable source than cane sugar. Because we are using a small amount of sugar here it is a reasonable substitute for cane sugar. 

I recommend this flaky sea salt for the best results. 

flaky dough

Now that you are equipped with the best quality ingredients you can dive into making this show-stopping pear tart. This tart will impress and satisfy any pear lover you know. It is the perfect opportunity to try a unique application for pears this season. 

This post has supplied you with the necessary information for making a pear tart.


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