7 Simple Steps For A Picnic That Is Perfect

With spring in full bloom and summer right around the corner it is the season of picnicking. Packing a picnic is an art form. There are literal services now that with throw a picnic for you. To save some money and have creative freedom this post is going to supply you with all the knowledge you need to have a picture-perfect picnic in just seven simple steps.  

This post is all about how to pack for a picnic that will not disappoint.


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1. Picnic Basket 

They’re a few things to factor in when picking out a picnic basket. You want to make sure it is the right size for the kind of picnic you’re having. Also, decide if you want to have a basket that includes cups, plates and utensils or if you already have durable and transportable flatware and plate ware.  

Here are three options for the perfect picnic basket.

Simple and Spacious

All Inclusive

Small and Aesthetic

2. Picnic Blanket

Take into consideration similar things you would when picking out a picnic blanket. Think about where you are having your picnic as well. Will you need a thicker quilt style to protect from some particularly scratchy grass or are you looking for a lightweight sheet that can double as a tablecloth on a picnic table. Scroll through the following blankets to figure out which is perfect for your ideal picnic. 

Lightweight and Classic

Quality and Quilted

Multipurpose Blanket

picnic food

3. Company 

Who are you inviting to your picnic? This will actually determine a lot about your picnic. If this is a solo occasion, then the next few steps will be very easy because you’re only catering to yourself. If it’s a date, make sure you know enough about your date to make it an enjoyable experience for them as well. Make sure you ask your picnic companions if they have any dietary restrictions or anything else you might need to know to accommodate them. Hosting a picnic can be a challenge if your group is a particular bunch. I recommend inviting only fun, easy-going and adventurous people to your picnic. I highly recommend a furry companion if you have one that enjoys the outdoors.  

4. Drink 

When packing your beverages take into consideration the container, if it needs to stay chilled, and who your company is. If you drink alcohol but your picnic companions do not make sure you have an equally as fun non-alcohol beverage option for them. Check out the sparkling wine recommendation below and two really fun N/A sparkling sips to go with it.  


5. Eat  

Some might say this is the most important part of the picnic but to throw a great picnic treat each component with the same level of importance. With that said make sure the food is top tier. What you eat on your picnic really depends on what you’re going for. You can have a nosh style of picnic or a tea sandwich and quality sides picnic. It’s up to you and depends on which picnic basket you settle on. Look on to see some picnic friendly food suggestions. 

6. Location 

The location of your picnic is important and can be the biggest challenge depending on where you live. Your picnic is to be ideally outside so be sure to check the weather. Decide on a day to enjoy your picnic that has clear skies and moderate temperature. You don’t want to be cold or sweating a lot while you’re trying to enjoy yourself. Once you have a nice day picked out choose a prime location by using one of these park locating apps I have listed below. Depending on where you live these apps will lead you to a nice outdoor area with some picnic area or a scenic national park view. Check them out below.  

7. Picnic Music  

Music will be setting the tone for your picnic. You can either have a very chill and living in the ether mood or you can bring the party if that is what your crowd is down with. Whatever you’re looking for check out the post below it will fulfill all your playlist needs.  

3 Of The Best Dinner Party Playlists

Now start collecting all your favorite things and people for your picnic and prepare to enjoy the finer things and the beautiful world around you this spring and summer.  

This post has provided you with seven essential steps to having a picnic to remember and relax.

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