The Only Rice Pudding Recipe You Will Ever Need

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Rice pudding is a staple dessert everyone should know how to make. It has a few simple ingredients that result in a creamy delicious after dinner delight. Keep reading to discover a rice pudding recipe that is restaurant quality with the taste of grandma’s home cooking. 


This post is all about the only rice pudding recipe you will ever need.

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Rice Pudding Ingredients


The rice you use for rice pudding is going to dictate the overall texture of the final product. 

For this reason, I recommend using high-quality long grain white rice. This will ensure you have the texture of individual rice grains and not a mushy mess. 

This long grain white rice is perfect for this recipe.

Here are two other alternatives. 


Use whole, large grade A eggs for an accurate measurement. 



Any whole milk will work for this rice pudding recipe. I recommend using whole milk for the best pudding consistency. 



As far as sugar goes you have a couple of options. In this recipe I default to coconut sugar (link). It comes from a whole food source and in general a better alternative to cane sugar. The only downside to using coconut sugar is the rice pudding comes out more off white than white.  

If you want a completely white rice pudding, you can use cane sugar instead of coconut sugar. 


Here you have two options you can use for this rice pudding recipe. You can use vanilla extract or whole vanilla beans. Either will work well in the pudding. If you do not want speck of vanilla throughout the pudding opt for extract instead of whole vanilla beans.  

Heavy Cream 

Any heavy whipping cream will work for this recipe. It is going to add some creaminess to the pudding after it is chilled. 


Cooking Tips

  1. Measure out all your ingredients ahead of time. 

This goes for any recipe. If you gather all the ingredients and measure them out before you start cooking this is going to save a lot of time and make the cooking process smoother. This is especially important for rice pudding because there are critical timing points. 

  1. Don’t try multi-tasking.  

While making this recipe focus on the steps and do them in order from start to finish. If you try multi-tasking, you risk overcooking the rice or letting the egg mixture curdle. 

  1. Rinse the rice. 

Rice is naturally starchy if you don’t rinse this starch off this can make the texture of the pudding too thick and mushy. Rinse the rice until the water runs clear and this will result in a more desirable texture for the final product. 

rice pudding

Serve this rice pudding for any group gathering or make a half batch for a special dinner at home. Because this is a chilled dessert it is the perfect dish for any season. To make it a winter favorite garnish it with some cinnamon and freshly grated nutmeg. To highlight it as a spring dish, try some edible spring flowers as a garnish. This recipe is a guide to a fundamental dessert, and it is the only rice pudding recipe you will need. 

This post has provided you with the ingredients and tips you will need to execute an excellent rice pudding recipe.

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