The Best Scallop Ceviche To Impress Everyone

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If you are looking for a fresh and delish seafood appetizer to impress your dining companions look no further. This scallop ceviche recipe is advanced and so worth it. Read the recipe a couple times and plan accordingly to have an exciting and super satisfying dish. This is an elevated version of a ceviche with Peruvian influences. Read the post below for some tips and the recipe to pull off this fancy scallop ceviche dish.


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If you’re trying to impress someone with an incredible dish, this scallop ceviche will work wonders. It’s so bright and delicious with some extra flare that no one can resist.

Below are some tools to help you execute this dish with ease.

Tips for Mastering This Scallop Ceviche

Read the recipe twice.

If you read through this recipes a couple times before you start it will set you up for success.

While reading make a timeline.

After you have read the recipe twice plan out the time of how you want to accomplish this dish. It is not a one day kind of recipe. Ideally you should make the tomato gelée the day before serving the completed dish.

Don’t be a perfectionist.

It’s okay if the presentation of it all comes out a little rustic. The most important part of the recipes is making sure the flavors are on point.

Adjust to your flavor preferences.

If you like more citrus or salt feel free to go off the recipe a little bit. If your corn isn’t the sweetest don’t be afraid to add a little extra sugar in the gelée. Adjust where it’s needed.

Picture references for making tomato water.

tomato water
tomato diced
tomato straining

Read the recipe below and get started on making this scallop ceviche that everyone will ask about. The end result of this recipes will be the reward you deserve for pulling an advanced dish.

scallop ceviche

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