7 Websites for the Best Wine Knowledge Resources

Whether you are interested in learning more about wine to impress your friends at your next dinner party or need to take the next step into the wine industry, this list will help expand anyone’s wine knowledge.

This post will provide you with online resources for expanding your wine knowledge.

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1. Wine Folly

Wine folly is a website full of educational articles, various wine and grape guides, and affordable courses on different wine topics. What is great about wine folly is that they have super helpful visuals to guide you through the most daunting of topics.

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Read their articles here on the website.

2. Wine Spector

Wine Spector is a well established magazine and their website is a can’t miss. They have wine quizzes that are so entertaining it barely feels like learning. You will retain a lot of the information just by logging an hour here and there working on quizzes. On the website you will also find an array of articles, a wine terms glossary, and a page dedication to breaking down all the noteworthy grape varietals.

Check out the website here.

3. Wine Business

This website is especially useful for industry workers. Here you can stay up to date on all wine business. Check the stock markets in relation to wine, seeing current pricing for cellars and vineyard equipment, and look for jobs in the wine industry all on winebusiness.com.

See their resources here.

4. Typsy

Typsy is not just expanding your wine knowledge. Utilize the free courses to learn about wine, leadership, hospitality fundamentals, bar and cocktails basics, and even revenue management. Typsy is a great resource for any service industry worker trying to improve their skills.

Check out their free courses here.

5. Unraveling Wine

This wine blog is not your typical blog for learning about wine. Unraveling wine is ran by Anna Maria who is a certified Sommelier. On the website you can find educational blog posts as well as an online wine tasting course. You can also get a useful cheat sheet to learning different grape varietals with ease.

Check out the helpful blog here.

6. American Wine School for Wine Knowledge

The American Wine School website has free in depth quizzes to help solidify your wine knowledge. The quizzes are broken up into different categories to help you know which level you are at with your wine studies. This is a great resource for those who want to take their wine knowledge to the next level.

Try out these wine knowledge quizzes here.

7. Wine Turtle

Wine Turtle has something for everyone. There are wine quizzes, a wine terms glossary, easy to follow guides for grape varietals and wine, FAQs about wine explained in detailed articles, wine tasting guides and even more. This website is a one stop shop for wine resources, If you leave Wine Turtle without learning something new, well that’s on you.

Check out all the great resources on wine turtle here.

Regardless of your prior wine knowledge utilizing this online resources will help you stay sharp.

This post has supplied you with seven useful online resources to test and improve your wine knowledge on various levels.

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