The Most Surprising Gin Cocktail – A Unique and Delicious Sip

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This post is featuring The Gin Salad cocktail. While this might sound unappetizing by the name do not count this cocktail out until you’ve given it a try. If you or someone you know likes a little more savory sip, this gin cocktail calls for an olive oil simple syrup that adds an herbaceous flavor that is unmatched. When you pair the botanicals from a good gin with it, you are rewarded with a complex, savory and delicious libation.

gin cocktail mise

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Equipment List

roku gin

Ingredients for Gin Salad Cocktail

Gin – Beefeater or Roku

Olive Oil Simple Syrup – recipe here.

Dolin Genepy Le Chamois Liqueur

Fresh Lemon Juice



Lemon Slice

How To

To make this cocktail simple add the gin, olive oil simple syrup, lemon juice and Genepy to a cocktail shaker.

Fill the shaker with ice cubes.

Shake for 30 – 60 seconds.

Strain the drink into a coupe glass and garnish with a lemon slice.

gin salad cocktail

Next time you host make this gin drink as your welcoming beverage for your guest and you will surely impress everyone with your cocktail craftsmanship. Everyone will be asking how and why about this drink. It is a great conversation starter and not just because of the liquid courage.

Try this cocktail out now to feel adventurous and to have a simply delicious cocktail.

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