Books You Need To Be Successful In The Hospitality Industry

If you work in a restaurant, hotel, bar or any profession that requires exceptional service this reading list is for you. Each of the books on this list will provide you with insider perspectives that will guide you in the direction of success. It doesn’t matter how long you have been in the hospitality industry if you have not read all of these books, start now.

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The Making of a Chef

Michael Ruhlman


Micheal Ruhlman deep dives into the need to know basics of working in a professional restaurant. The Making of a Chef is even a required reading assignment for all starting students at The Culinary Institute of America. All this features in this book are helpful in any professional environment especially restaurants. It teaches grit, organization and professionalism.

Noteworthy Features

Chapter Table of Contents

CIA Curriculum Guide

Recipes and Ratio Guides

Setting The Table

Danny Meyer

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Setting The Table is an essential book for understanding the difference between good and great restaurants. Anyone who acts in a management role should read this book. It gives examples of how to uphold high standards while being understanding of human conditions. If you want to give exemplary service as a host or leader this is the book for you.

Noteworthy Features

Examples of Real Life Business Scenarios

How To on Enlightened Hospitality

Chapter on Overcoming Business Obstacles

Craft of Cooking

Tom Colicchio

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Gramercy Tavern NYC Chef, Tom Colicchio shares his restaurant experience and expertise in Craft of Cooking. Colicchio shares his process of making thoughtful decisions while working in the foodservice industry. Every little detail matters like picking plate ware and the highest quality ingredients. Read this book to think like a Michelin Star chef.

Noteworthy Features

Useful Recipes

Suggested Resources

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It does not matter if you work in the hospitality industry or not, these three books can offer useful insight regardless. Start reading through this list to become a more thoughtful and successful industry professional. Putting the trick and tips feature in these books into practice will only lead you to success.

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