17 Kitchen Essentials You Need To Buy Right Now

This post is all about the kitchen essentials you need to have to making cooking a breeze. Having these items in your kitchen is going to take your kitchen skills to the next level! Read the list below to start stocking your kitchen like a professional.

kitchen essentials knives

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1. A Quality Chef’s Knife

chef's knife

This has to be the number one kitchen essential because a good sharp knife is going to make your life in the kitchen so much easier. If you don’t already have a chef’s knife you love, get this one right now.

2. Kitchen Thermometer


If you cook any kind of meat dishes a thermometer is going to take the guessing out of knowing when your food is cooked through. You will have a perfectly cooked steak every time.

3. A Dream of a Slow Cooker

kitchen essential

This multi-cooker is a must have if you consider yourself a busy person. Find some delicious slow cooker or pressure cooker recipes and you won’t even have to stress about what’s for dinner last minute.

4. All in One Skillet

saute pan

You can truly cook almost any meal with this one skillet. If you only have one pan in your kitchen, make sure it is this one.

5. The Best Spoon for Everything


Most people don’t understand the value of a good spoon in the kitchen. Every professional cook knows you have to have at least one amazing spoon to be successful. Use this for assembling beautiful plated dishes for all your dinner parties.

6. Spice Grinder


Pro tip – buy your spices whole and grind them fresh for any recipes calling for spices. This is going to make everything taste more flavorful and fragrant.

7. An Apron You Actually Like


When you look good you feel good. This goes for in the kitchen as well. Get yourself a quality apron that you actually like and you will feel more inspired and prepared when you start cooking each time.

8. Handheld Immersion Blender


This little tool is actually going to save you on dishes! If you have something cooking in a pan or making a salsa in mixing bowl and it needs to be blended, you can just pop this immersion blender into said vessel and blitz blitz it is blended. It is very convenient and a big time saver.

9. Study Kitchen Towels

kitchen essential

If you are doing some serious cooking you need sturdy reliable kitchen towels. Your kitchen towels should be absorbent and able to stand up to some serious heat. These towels will not fail you.

10. Silicone Baking Mat

baking mat

These silicone baking mats will save your baking trays. Food will not stick to them when you are baking in the oven and they are super easy to clean. Place one of these on your baking trays and whatever food you are baking and you will not regret it.

11. Le Creuset Dutch Oven

dutch oven

The Le Creuset Dutch oven is a theknifecuts. favorite. It will take you bread baking to the next level. It is a great conductor of heat so it is great for boiling large amounts of water for pasta or blanching vegetables. This Dutch oven is also great for one pot meals.

12. Spring Form Cake Pan

cake pan kitchen essentials

If you bake any kind of cakes this is the cake pan you should use. It is not just for cheesecakes. Because the sides expand, it makes removing any cake from here super easy and clean.

13. Set of Fine Mesh Strainers


Once you have a set of fine mesh strainers you will find out how multipurpose they are. Use the small one when you juice a lemon to catch the falling seeds. The medium stainer is great for filtering a fresh pressed juice. The large strainer is a must have for straining stocks, soups, sauces or draining pasta water.

14. Mortar and Pestle

mortar kitchen essentials

If you hate mincing onions and garlic try making a paste in a mortar and pestle. It will release more flavor and save you the pain of mincing. A mortar and pestle set is a great tool for making any fresh dips, spreads, or salsas.

15. Lodge Cast Iron Skillet

kitchen essentials

A cast iron has been a kitchen essentials for a very long time. Everyone should have one reliable cast iron. Make eggs, bacon, and even your pancakes in this cast iron for a delicious and nostalgic feeling breakfast.

16. Cake Tester

cake tester

Cake testers are a kitchen must have. Obviously you can check the doneness of a cake this these and it doesn’t compromise the integrity of the cake. You can also check the doneness of vegetables, steaks, fish or chicken with cake testers. For example with cooked fish, usually you want it cook to just warm in the center. Insert the cake tester into the center of the fish, remove it and place it under your bottom lip and if the metal is warm or hot you know the fish is cooked in the middle.

17. A Heavy Duty and Safe Kitchen Cleaner

cleaner kitchen essentials

When you are done cooking you have to have a kitchen cleaner that is going to put in the work so you don’t have to. Blueland Multi-Surface cleaner is great to have on hand. It is non-toxic and can stand up to heavy duty messes. Treat your kitchen with care and prioritize thorough cleaning to keep your space ready for creative and efficient cooking.

If you do not have these items already stocked in your kitchen it is time to get on that. Adding these kitchen essentials to your home is going to level up your cooking game. This list will also help with your overall efficiency while cooking at home. Start shopping now or at least start building your wish list with these essentials.

One thought on “17 Kitchen Essentials You Need To Buy Right Now

  1. Thanks for this awesome post! I’ve been looking to outfit my kitchen with some new essentials, and this list was super helpful.

    I especially appreciated the mention of spice grinders – that’s something I’ve been wanting to get for a while now. Freshly ground spices make a world of difference in cooking, and having a dedicated grinder will definitely come in handy.

    The apron recommendation was also perfect timing, as mine is definitely past its prime.

    Thanks again for the informative post!

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