An Essential Guide to Quick Pickling and Fermented Pickles

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Pickles or pickled vegetables are essential for preserving bountiful summer harvests, restoring gut health, and adding some zesty flavors to your dinner plate. This essential guide is going to cover four pickling recipes and provide you with a simple guide for pickling any vegetable you could think of. Keep reading below for recipes, an equipment list and pro tips for pickling. 

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Why Pickle? 

There are many different reasons to make pickles. The oldest reason is to preserve foods. Before refrigeration people would pickle the surplus of bountiful produce harvests in order to have food in the winter months. This idea should still be practiced today. The difference is today pickling is not necessary for survival reasons, but instead to enjoy the flavors of your summer garden during the months you won’t see a fresh thing coming out of the ground. Pickling the surplus of your garden produce with help reduce wasting anything you can’t eat before it spoils. 

Having homemade pickles as a common snack also has many nutritional benefits. Fermented pickles are full of probiotics which aids in digestion and overall gut health. The probiotics in fermented pickles also help to fight disease and harmful bacteria. Try having some pickles as a snack before or after working out, this will help with muscle cramps and aid in weight loss. 

The most obvious reason for making pickles is to have something delicious to snack on or add to a sandwich or a fun autumn salad. Something more interesting like pickles grapes or cherries can really elevate your go to mixed salad. Making your own pickles at home saves you from buying pickles in a store that may have unnecessary added preservatives. 

What do I need for Pickling?

Often times everything you need equipment wise to make pickles is already in your kitchen. 

Lactic Acid Fermentation and Quick Pickles 

This post is providing recipes for quick pickles and lacto-fermented pickles. 

Quick pickles will be refrigerated right away and deliver a tangy flavor profile without going through a fermentation process. 

Lactic acid fermentation is breaking down sugar compounds into cellular energy of lactic acid. The lactic acid in these pickles are the healthy bacteria in fermented foods that help with preservation and nutritional value. 

Pickle Recipes 

This is a quick and easy recipe for some tasty snacking pickles. Because these are pickles chips they are great for putting on any sandwich you can think of. 

Pickle chips

Your first thought of pickled items probably wouldn’t be pickled grapes. Give these a try and you will see why it’s a good idea. Adding these pickled grapes to a summer salad is going to give it the bit of surprising tangy flavor salads are often missing. This recipe can be done with cherries or beets as well.

Beets Birds Eye

Picked red onions are a great accompaniment to so many foods. Having some on hand is always a good idea. Try topping your burgers with pickled red onions at your next cook out and you will not regret it. 

These are going to be the staple pickles you need in your house. Try having these pickles after a workout for all their nutritional benefits and tangy crunch. These lactose-fermented pickles also make a great homemade gift for any occasion. This recipe can be done with any produce such as carrots, beets, onions, asparagus etc.

Carrot pickles

With bountiful garden harvests coming your way soon, start trying out these pickling recipes so you can have delicious tangy pickled treats all year long. Use the lacto-fermented pickles recipe with any produce you think would make a nice pickled snack. There is also the added bonus of your kitchen looking like a it belongs on a beautiful homestead with your rustic looking jars of pickles. 

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